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Supply Chain Due Diligence - Keeping Your Business Safe

Right now, more than ever, prioritising supply chain due diligence is crucial for your business' security. HMRC's guidance on this matter is both significant and thought-provoking.

The guidance emphasises the genuine risk of penalties, ranging from tax and National Insurance charges for non-compliance to assuming VAT payments for suppliers that go bankrupt. However, HMRC stops short of providing specific directives, stating:

"We cannot specify the exact checks you should undertake as they will differ based on your business operations."

Regrettably, HMRC issues represent just the surface. In addition to meeting compliance requirements for HMRC's CIS, PAYE and VAT, businesses, regardless of size are obligated to address various legal aspects.

Contractwise has established comprehensive policies for our supply chain due diligence, addressing all the aspects mentioned and more. Our services also involve offering free advice and assistance to support your business in fulfilling its legal obligations.

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HMRC Issues

  • Right to Work in the UK legislation policy.
  • The Modern Slavery Act.
  • GDPR regulations.
  • The Criminal Finances Act 2017, encompassing Anti Money Laundering regulations
  • The Bribery Act 2010.
  • The jurisdiction of the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate.


Eliminating reclassification risk by HMRC with CIS compliance and seamless payroll, every time.


Ensure you’re paid correctly on time, every time as well as benefiting from our expert guidance and resources.


Keep your construction staff compliant with CIS deductions and protect yourself from HMRC fines.

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  • Contract Wise has streamlined our payroll operations and also boosted our confidence in compliance. A reliable partner for any construction business navigating CIS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Jake A - Managing Director

We Guarantee

Protection from HMRC reclassifing your subbies as employees.

If HMRC were to reclassify just one self-employed subbie as an employee with an average weekly pay of £1,000, the liability would surpass £9,500 in a year.

For a group of 15 self-employed subbies, this liability would escalate to over £136,000. These staggering amounts exclude potential HMRC fines, unpaid interest charges, or legal costs associated with challenging HMRC.