IR35 Protection From HMRC

Whether you’re a contractor or freelancer navigating the complex landscape of IR35 regulations, ensure you're fully protected with Contractwise.

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Complete IR35 Protection

IR35, also known as the "Intermediaries Legislation", is a set of tax regulations in the United Kingdom that apply to individuals who provide their services through an intermediary, such as a limited company or a personal service company.

The primary aim of IR35 is to determine whether a contractor or freelancer is genuinely self-employed or in essence, should be considered an employee for tax purposes.

We’re dedicated to protecting your business from IR35 legislation ensuring subcontractors aren't reclassified as employees and removing the risk you face if HMRC were to reclassify them.

Our goal is simple, facilitate long-term collaboration between contractors and subcontractors securely and legally.

If you’re a contractor or business engaging with subcontractors you’ll need to be aware of the IR35 rules to ensure compliance with tax regulations, alternatively, you can utilise the services of Contractwise to ensure you’re fully protected from IR35 Legislation.

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How We Protect You

  • Status assessments to vet and verify subcontractors with HMRC.

  • Take the commercial, legal and tax responsibilities, removing the risk of HMRC penalties for non-compliance with IR35.

  • No setup or exit fees and your contract with us is not tied to a specific time or site.

  • Complimentary use of our Contractwise online platform, a dedicated registration team and ongoing expert advice.


Eliminating reclassification risk by HMRC with CIS compliance and seamless payroll, every time.


Ensure you’re paid correctly on time, every time as well as benefiting from our expert guidance and resources.


Keep your construction staff compliant with CIS deductions and protect yourself from HMRC fines.

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What our customers say

  • Contract Wise has streamlined our payroll operations and also boosted our confidence in compliance. A reliable partner for any construction business navigating CIS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Jake A - Managing Director

We Guarantee

Protection from HMRC reclassifing your subbies as employees.

If HMRC were to reclassify just one self-employed subbie as an employee with an average weekly pay of £1,000, the liability would surpass £9,500 in a year.

For a group of 15 self-employed subbies, this liability would escalate to over £136,000. These staggering amounts exclude potential HMRC fines, unpaid interest charges, or legal costs associated with challenging HMRC.