CIS Compliance Guaranteed

If you engage with subcontractors being CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) compliant is critical or you could be at risk from huge fines and penalties.

Subbie Reclassification Protection
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We Guarantee Full CIS Compliance

Contractwise removes your CIS compliance responsibilities, and ensures that you are fully compliant so that if HMRC does carry out a status investigation you can feel completely safe in the knowledge that there will be no HMRC imposed fines or penalties.

We make it simple for contractors to ensure compliance, just verify us once and complete your monthly return detailing Contractwise as the subcontractor and that’s it. We take over all of your CIS compliance by:

  • Verify each subcontractor with HMRC
  • Calculate the subcontractor's CIS tax
  • Inform the subcontractor of the amount that they will be paid
  • Include all of the engaged subcontractors on our own status submissions to HMRC
  • Provide the subcontractor with both a payment statement for each time they are paid, monthly payment and deduction statements, plus an annual CIS deduction statement.

Once you have verified Contractwise with HMRC you simply replace the subcontractors that you previously reported on your CIS300 with Contractwise.

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Calculate the penalties if HMRC decides your subbies are employees

With HMRC carrying out tens of thousands of new investigations each month, there is a high risk of big fines and penalties if your contracts are not satisfactory, or you have not fully understood the ever changing complexities of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme).

Average number of subcontractors?
0 100
Number of years you have used subcontractors?
0 6
Average weekly pay?
0 10,000


Eliminating reclassification risk by HMRC with CIS compliance and seamless payroll, every time.


Ensure you’re paid correctly on time, every time as well as benefiting from our expert guidance and resources.


Keep your construction staff compliant with CIS deductions and protect yourself from HMRC fines.

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What our customers say

  • Contract Wise has streamlined our payroll operations and also boosted our confidence in compliance. A reliable partner for any construction business navigating CIS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Jake A - Managing Director


Protection from HMRC reclassifing your subbies as employees.

If HMRC were to reclassify just one self-employed subbie as an employee with an average weekly pay of £1,000, the CIS liability would surpass £9,500 in a year.

For a group of 15 self-employed subbies, this liability would escalate to over £136,000. These staggering amounts exclude potential HMRC fines, unpaid interest charges, or legal costs associated with challenging HMRC.