HMRC Risk Elimination, CIS Compliance & Payroll For The Construction Industry

We are experts in HMRC legislation and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliance. We eliminate the risk of HMRC reclassifying your self-employed subcontractors as employees and you being landed with big fines and penalties.

Subbie Reclassification Protection
Payroll Made On Time Every Time
Zero Risk Of Employment Tribunals
Expert CIS Support and Advice

What We Do

We are a CIS payroll company, serving as an employment intermediary. We handle the payment of your subcontractors and ensure compliance with HMRC and employment laws, our services extend beyond these essentials to ensure you get the help and support you need when you need it, so you can do what you're great at, running your business. 

Whether you have a single subcontractor or a sizable workforce of thousands, Contractwise provides consistent protection and support tailored to your requirements. Each client has direct access to our dedicated support team who will attend to your specific needs.

We Do Everything Required To Ensure Your Business Is Protected.

If HMRC were to reclassify just one self-employed subbie as an employee with an average weekly pay of £1,000, your liability would surpass £9,500 in a year. For a group of 15 self-employed subbies, this liability would escalate to over £136,000. These staggering amounts exclude potential HMRC fines, unpaid interest charges, or legal costs associated with challenging HMRC.

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Our Services Include:

  • Free Compliance Audit

  • Full CIS Compliance

  • HMRC Reclassification Protection

  • Employment Tribunals

  • Payroll Calculations And CIS Reporting

  • IR35 Liability Advice

  • Holiday & Sick Pay Claims

  • Legislation Updates

  • Free Contract Drafting

  • Free Payment Software

How We Do It

Every month, HMRC initiates tens of thousands of new tax investigations aiming to generate additional revenue. If HMRC decides to take you to a Tax tribunal the decision can take over a year to be reached and this process can be an extremely worrying time for business owners. 

Your monthly CIS300 report provides HMRC inspectors with comprehensive information to pinpoint any vulnerabilities in your existing CIS arrangements. It discloses precise details about who you pay, when, and how much to your subcontractors. By submitting this information you inadvertently provide HMRC with the necessary ammunition to scrutinise your activities. Additionally, you are required to confirm monthly that you have verified the employment status of everyone under CIS.

Contractwise removes your risks by engaging subcontractors directly to ensure that full CIS compliance has been carried out. You can then focus on growing your business without the stress of an HMRC tax investigation or subcontractor reclassification.

Protection from Employment Tribunals

Companies can face huge financial risks when engaging subcontractors with average tribunal fees of more than £8,000, not to mention the stress of tribunals which can take up to 12 months. Contractwise offers full protection against any such claim and the associated financial risks when dealing with any tribunal claims.

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Why Choose Us

Contractwise is more than a service provider; we are your dedicated partner. Our support team is available to address queries, provide assistance and ensure that you are fully CIS compliant and your payroll runs seamlessly.

Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every business is unique. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all, instead, we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Contractwise is equipped to provide personalised compliant CIS payroll services that offer construction companies the protection they need.

Industry Experts

Our team comprises industry experts from a construction background who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. We liaise regularly with the best legal and tax advisors in the UK to ensure our clients get the protection they need and are kept up to date with all legislation updates.

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Who We Work With

Whether you’re a contractor, subcontractor or agency we’re able to ensure you are fully compliant with the Construction Industry Scheme and protect you from the risks of HMRC fines and employment tribunals. 

For Contractors

Contractwise streamlines the complexities of CIS compliance and payroll. Our services are designed to enhance efficiency, mitigate risks and ensure compliance with HMRC regulations. Whether you're a small contractor managing a local project or a large corporation overseeing multiple developments, Contractwise is here to support you and eliminate your risks.

For Subcontractors

Contractwise serves as a valuable partner for subcontractors, maximising the potential for self-employment in the construction industry. Whether you're a sole trader, part of a limited company, or part of a larger subcontracting network, our specialised services are tailored to your unique needs. We ensure CIS payments, risk mitigation and compliance with HMRC by providing a host of expert guidance and resources.

For Agencies

Contractwise partners with agencies to enhance workforce management and ensure smooth operations in the competitive construction industry. Our comprehensive solutions cater to the unique needs of agencies, facilitating effective CIS payroll management and compliance.

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Calculate the penalties if HMRC decides your subbies are employees

With HMRC carrying out tens of thousands of new investigations each month, there is a high risk of big fines and penalties if your contracts are not satisfactory, or you have not fully understood the ever changing complexities of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme).

Average number of subcontractors?
0 100
Number of years you have used subcontractors?
0 6
Average weekly pay?
0 10,000


Eliminating reclassification risk by HMRC with CIS compliance and seamless payroll every time.


Ensure you’re paid correctly on time, every time as well as benefiting from our expert guidance and resources.


Keep your construction staff compliant with CIS deductions and protect yourself from HMRC fines.

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What our customers say

  • Contract Wise has streamlined our payroll operations and also boosted our confidence in compliance. A reliable partner for any construction business navigating CIS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Jake A - Managing Director

We Guarantee

Protection from HMRC reclassifing your subbies as employees.

If HMRC were to reclassify just one self-employed subbie as an employee with an average weekly pay of £1,000, the liability would surpass £9,500 in a year.

For a group of 15 self-employed subbies, this liability would escalate to over £136,000. These staggering amounts exclude potential HMRC fines, unpaid interest charges, or legal costs associated with challenging HMRC.